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This site was created exclusively for you and contains valuable information about the services offered through the partnership between
Electric Boat and the United Way of Southeastern Connecticut.
The money you donate to the United Way helps those in need of food, home heating assistance, small personal loans or essential furniture, to name a few.

Have you ever thought that someday you may be the one in need of assistance?

This screen provides links to these services and programs, and contains links to Upcoming Events and News Flashes, the EBECSA Administrative Committee, Points of Contact and additional information about how the United Way helps our community. Don't hesitate to apply for assistance for which you may qualify.

EBECSA is all of us who contribute to the best of our ability through payroll deduction to "Electric Boat Employees' Community Services Association".
EBECSA is administered by a committee of Management and Non-Management contributing employees. The administrative committee has employee representatives from the Marine Draftsmen's Association, Metal Trades Council, United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Management Club and other appointed management members.


Each Other, Our Families, Our Friends, and Our Communities, Together

The Electric Boat Employees' Community Services Association was formed in 1951. Funds collected through employee payroll deduction are carefully allocated to approved non-profit health and social service agencies. Emergency loans and assistance are also available to Electric Boat contributing employees in serious financial need. The Community Services Emergency Fund is administered by a United Way Community Services staff member.

Electric Boat and the United Way have a strong relationship.
Together, contributions made by Electric Boat as a corporation and by 65% of EB employees through the EBECSA combine to make Electric Boat the #1 employee contributor to the local United Way's annual campaign. Electric Boat also supports United Way by loaning EB employees to assist United Way during their busy campaign season. EB employees volunteer on numerous United Way committees and on boards of member agencies.
Members of our labor unions are strong supporters of the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center. In 2019, 590 EB employees pledged to the United Way at the "Spinnaker" level by giving more than $1,000 annually through payroll deduction to EBECSA.

EBECSA Committee Members

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United Way
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Gemma E. Moran
United Way
Labor Food Bank

AFL-CIO Community Services

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